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Structured Funding Programs

"Structured Funding Program & Solutions"
Completing the Structured Funding Program to Funding

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The Venture Assessment and Action Plan report is designed to identify the optimum point to begin the Structured Funding Program. Every company's needs are unique. Not all companies end up going the venture capital route and may decide on alternative capitalization strategies (e.g. channel capitalization by Channel Ventures.)

Some program participants reside as employees of large Fortune 500 corporations and desire to eventually spin out. Other program participants are startups seeking seed or next round financing. In either case, the process is very similar from the investors' viewpoint. With the assessment report results in hand, VenLogic is in a better position to alter the Structured Funding Program to the exact specifications of the management team, board, and/or investors.

Once the strategy is in place, VenLogic works closely with the company to meet their goals using an array of powerful tools and insider relationships, creating an unfair advantage that mitigates risk. Over time as the company matures, VenLogic helps to install ongoing best-practices in Equity Marketing to ensure that the company is able to manage its own financing needs for all future rounds.
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