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Recommended Reading

VenLogic Resources

  • Issue 1 Introduces the Venture Maturity Index™, Seed Fund Budget Gap, and the Private Equity Ecosystem

  • More Newsletters...

  • White Papers & Handouts
  • Structured Funding Program Introduction The VenLogic Program process pages in white paper format.
  • Art of Venture Packaging - The full white paper behind Equity Marketing 101.
  • "So What, Who Cares?" - Develop Positioning Statements that Pass the VC Test.
  • Top VC Questions - Miss a few of these, and you could be knocked out of the running.
  • Equity Marketing 101 - The flagship article that has received acclaim and a breakthrough framework not found anywhere else.

  • Articles
  • WSJ Review of VenLogic's Equity Marketing White Paper

  • Stanford University Case Study
    • SimVoice - The case study taught at the Standford Graduate School of Business Executive MBA Sloan Program which led to the formation of VenLogic. Captures the real world experience of managing partner Robert Kruse's first telecom software startup. Addresses the conflict of interest that private investors acting as board members often face (names have been changed, of course). Robert has guest lectured over several very entertaining re-enactments at Stanford, which have been well received by executive students and faculty.

    Misc. Freebies
  • NDA Example - Battle tested, doctor recommended.
  • Business Plan Outlines - A few PPM and Business Plan outline examples (word doc).
  • Marketing IQ Quiz
  • MBA Course Syllabus
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