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Recommended Reading

For Private Investors

  • Entrepreneur America How a seasoned Angel runs a successful boot camp for entrepreneurs.
  • Angel Advisor Magazine An angel network that had a magazine for private investors.
  • Family Private, trusted resources for those of wealth.
  • Off Road Capital Private Equity Investing Online
  • Private Equity Central Free membership, useful deal database and articles.
  • SeedStage.comOne less player in the game.
  • W.R. Hambrecht & Co. Dutch Auction method of capital formation. Recognized by Forbes!

  • California Angel Networks
  • Angel Strategies LLC - Seasoned Bay Area Angels hang out here...
  • Angel Money
  • Angel Law Forum - A law firm with an angel network.
  • Angel Investors L.P. - Home of well known angel Ron Conway.
  • Bay Angels
  • Camp Venture Group
  • International Angels - Has backing from a major computer manufacturer...
  • Investor's Circle - Private Investor Network where women-led and socially responsible deals have a shot.
  • Spring Board Angels - A global network with their own fund.
  • Tech Coast Angels
  • Band of Angels - A successful & well known angel network models that has influenced many others. Has seed or "side-car" fund.

  • Northwest Angel Networks
  • Active Angel's SRI List
  • Angels Forum - Socially Responsible...
  • Alliance of Angels - Northwest's premier angel network.
  • Seraph Capital - Private Investor Network for Women in Seattle.

  • University Angel Networks
  • University Angels - University Alumni deal flow source.
  • Irish Angels - University of Notre Dame angel investor web sites.

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