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Recommended Reading

Fun Stuff

  • 21 Dog Years - Doing Time at
  • A Seattle Sketch Artist and former Amazon Employee Live Satire Comedy Performance on his experiences.  Currently writing a book.
  • FC.Com Irreverent site interesting to cross reference with VentureOne and forecast which funds will wash out. This would likely lead to the creation of a similar site: ""
  • Sand Hill Derby An interesting place where Silicon Valley VC's spend their time & money.
  • Save the Dot Coms Another creative source of funding. You won't believe it!
  • Wacky Patents
  • IG Nobel Prize - MIT's Irreverent IG Nobel Prize honors individuals whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced." Ten prizes are given to people who have done remarkably goofy things - some of them admirable, some perhaps otherwise.
  • The Mystery of Genius - THE MYSTERY OF GENIUS video by A&E spotlights the unusual and compelling elements of the uniquely human trait called genius. Savants, eccentrics, prodigies, visionaries, and despots, all reflect aspects of the seven types of genius currently recognized. Which one are you?
  • Female Semiconductor Rock Star - In case you wondered where leading edge comes from!
  • Zen Den - For those who need time to be at one with the computer.

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