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Our Business
We help CEOs of emerging market companies save valuable executive time and money while seeking investment capital.

CEOs must develop a secondary domain expertise in the venture capital markets in order to be successful. Raising venture money requires learning a new language, developing a new network, learning valuation model mathematics, and becoming familiar with research tools to uncover invisible markets. These skills can take years to develop and master. CEOs who are unfamiliar with this territory put their shareholders at great risk while balancing the full-time job of building the business.

CEO´s Can Outsource the Equity Marketing Problem!
We perform a vital role as the company's equity marketing team. We refine the equity product, identify best-fit capital sources, develop equity channel maps, provide competitive intelligence, dynamically position the deal, and provide valuation and sales support through due diligence and closing.

We Provide the Unfair Advantage in Complex Private Equity Markets
We help level the playing field between the venture capital investor and the CEO, enabling them to make smart, critical financing decisions in the fast moving, invisible world of private equity. As a result, CEOs can raise venture capital faster, with greater valuations and lower cost -while keeping an eye on building the business.

We provide a trusted, learning environment facilitated by expert faculty as close to the capital sources as possible. This is a process that is well informed.

We provide highly condensed knowledge, proven venture design tools, advanced resources, and expert counseling in a closed-door environment. This is a process of discovery.

We provide work assignments that are designed to be completed each evening between sessions in order to test your deal attributes, as well as your aptitude. This is an intense 3-day program that is designed to leave with an intensly valuable experience. The kind of experience that will simulate a few of the rigors of the venture capital due diligence experience. This is a process of learning the right stuff fast.

We provide a peer environment, where you can meet other executives in your situation and learn from each other. This is a process of relationship building.

We provide access to a deeply connected network of some of the world's top executive talent. The better the deal, the better the introductions. Everyone, however, must start at the same level, out of respect for our affiliates and to keep this program cost effective. This is a process of developing mutual trust and respect.

We guarantee you'll learn something new that you can apply to deal immediately. If you attend the first day and determine that the full 3-day program is not for you, you simply don't attend the following days. You will not charged for a program that you do not particiate in. This is a process that delivers exceptional value based on integrity and sound judgement.

Solutions We Provide
We provide an audit of the company's equity marketing program, examining the deal, valuation, positioning statement, and fund raising referral channel strategy.

We provide solutions that help the company fill the gaps quickly.

We then provide channel development programs that accelerate the time to best-fit capital sources.

Finally, we support the CEO in negotiations, providing dynamic positioning, valuation modeling, venture market intelligence, due diligence support, and structuring advice to keep the deal high in the investor's mind while going through what can be a lengthy closing process.

After closing, we help the CEO begin their next round funding strategy. We also provide a VentureWatch service for monitoring the activities of the VC marketplace in preparation for the raising the next round.

What We Don't Do
We are a neutral provider of equity marketing services and are not a broker dealer - that's sales, we're marketing. Rather, we educate companies on finding the best-fit partners for helping them develop their equity sales channels, as well as how to avoid non-value added broker-dealers. We will refer our clients to reputable broker-dealers who exhibit best-practices and are respected for their value-added contributions in the eyes of the venture community.

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