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Whats New
Web Site Upgrade
  • New User Interface - the right information is more easily accessed by busy executives. The honors go to the very talented, patient, and entertaining George Levchenko, link below.
  • New Code. We completely recoded every page by converting from the proprietary .asp to Open Source .php, to be more compatible with open source add-ons and Linux.
  • New Hosting Firm - Relocated away from NT boxes located in the FL Hurricane region which had affected us, to Linux boxes on the West Coast. Better ecommerce integration and pricing. Almost 10x the space we had before.
  • New eCommerce back end - top-of-the-line ecommece engine which has dozens of advanced features, including membership subscriptions, affiliate links, and digital downloads for iPod Video.
  • We trained up. - We focused on learning key web tools, so we can communicate our needs even better with our technology partners.
  •  New Products
  • New USAF Edition - Our team invested over 10 months in production getting input from all participants, USAF and DoD in a variety of peer reviews. Many thanks to WBI and Col. Chachula for their support.
  • New OVP Venture Partners Digital Workshop - finally published one of our all-time favorite Venture Financing Roundtable (VFR) programs for all to enjoy. Our attempt to demystify the VC world, while sharing a pleasant experience with one of the most successful VCs in the US; Chad Waite of OVP Venture Partners. This is a first-ever product for the VC industry and we appreciate Chad's support for the superior educational value it can bring to thousands of entrepreneurs. Only available here.
  • New Tools for Educators. We found that many of our clients are consulting professionals, managers or academics who provide some form of training to their clients. We wanted to provide them more tools to do their job better. Now they can purchase Diganostic Scoresheets, Wall Posters, and laminated diagnostics for emulating the venture assessment methods in the privacy of their own office.
  • New Program Design. As a result of extensive work with DoD clients, we have generated a volume of new material for new programs that we will introduce in 2006.
  •   New Video Format
  • New H.264 Video Standard. When the Video iPod was released, we ordered the first ones - then scrabled to understand the new standard that was responsible for such impressive images in a compressed format 10x smaller than the original video files. Industry experts agree on the superior quailty of H.264 over Windows Media Video (wmv) format. While compression time takes a bit longer, the results are worth it. H.264 scales from handheld devices to the televsion screen with ease and fewer artifacts. As a result, busy executives on the go can more easily learn about the very latest in venture assessment tools, saving valuable time without sacraficing too much on image quality over the DVD version. DVD is still preferred for viewing the details, but for portable personal viewing, h.264 is the solution we selected.
  • More, Beter Video. We now have converted over 40GB of video source material into 4GB of h.264 available online for instant download and use in portable video players like iPod and others.
  • New Video Downloads. With the new h.264 format we're able to present both video downloads and streams from the same Quicktime file, saving server space which keeps costs low, while offering a new more portable format, with more affordable pricing options than before.
  •   Improved Venture Assessment Tools
  • Improved Venture Strategy Index™. We have made significant, patentable, improvements in our software-based venture assessment tools. While we currently offer paper tools online, these tools are actually modeled in software before printed. We continue to make advancements every month and foresee the day when venture assessments using software tools will be the norm that saves investors billions. Access to our proprietary software is restricted for use with consulting clients only.
  • DoD Compatible - We are the first that we know to have successfully translated critical VC industry best-practices into a form that is DoD Compatible. We underwent extensive training into the world of DoD and how asesssments are currently conducted. We consulted with 2 teams (one classified), wrote reports, conducted workshops, and developed new relationships with those who value the venture assessment process as a means of program investment management. As a result, we have been recognized as having the most complete relevant solution, and have invited to be one of the keynote speakers at an upcoming DoD conference on the topic in 2006.
  • Improved Consulting Value. As a result, we're able to offer our corporate clients even more value than before. Faster analysis, more reliable, repeatable results. More relevant recommendations.
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