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Endorsements Brochure (pdf Download)

"Equity marketing is a significant challenge to even the seasoned CEO of a private technology business requiring venture funding. We're pursuing joint venture discussions with VenLogic to allow their consulting expertise to be melded with our intimate knowledge of the technology marketplace to enable CEO's with the tools, strategy and knowledge to secure venture funding both faster and more effective."

"What I always liked about your process

from the first time we met is the human interaction of it. To me that is where the value is. The DVD got me hooked. When it stopped, I felt like I felt at the end of the second Matrix movie. I wanted to see the rest of it. It's really good. That's how I felt."

Carl Allen
Director, Venture Capital
Forrester Research, Inc.
London | UK

"Best two-and-a-half days in my entire work history and I’m 58 years old! It’s like a language school – to learn the right language to talk to investors. We got some very nice emails from potential board members following the program and are on our way to engaging one of them.”
- Peter Fentiman, CEO MidNet Inc.

"This program saved us millions! Very practical and very applied. The program is about what makes ventures and venture financing successful. Who wouldn’t want to get back to that playful and experimental environment where you can try on ideas safely? This is the best educational program for startups."
- Ruedi Aschwanden, CTO MidNet Inc.

"Finally, someone has developed a simple, structured process that everyone can follow. The value is so high, it's hard to put a price on it."
Colleen Alyward,, President
Devon James Associates
"The VenLogic equity marketing process will save a firm time and money. Data gathering for investors that would take weeks to obtain, VenLogic can provide in a few days. The fees for service can be justified by reducing staff and having a higher probability at receiving funding. I have found VenLogic's assistance vital in equity marketing campaigns. The process works!"
Steve Cooper, Vice President
Giga Information Group
"Great value session!! Serious value proposition. Any money spent on the front-end for VenLogic's workshop will be returned and saved in maintaining or increasing your company's pre-money value."
Shannon Smith, CEO; Lance Ramesh, VP
Market Matrix, Inc.
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