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Endorsements Brochure (pdf Download)
Speaker Engagement Endorsements (University Level)
"Thank you for meeting with my business policy class. Your presentation was very well received by both the graduate and undergraduate sections. Your comprehensive handouts are perfect for the presentation, allowing the audience to focus on the discussion rather than taking extensive notes. Stepping back to view all of the issues in creating a company and securing financing is a powerful lesson. Thanks for your stimulating presentation, the students will view the remaining cases in a more sophisticated light."
Patrick Fleenor, Ph.D. Professor & Chairman Department of Administration
Seattle University Albers School of Business (Seattle, WA)

"Thank you for your informative presentation on successfully seeking venture funds. Your experience with the subject, the contacts you have, and the significant knowledge base in general were well demonstrated as you described the venture capital market and what VCs are looking for. Possibly the most significant test of how well the talk was received was when I suggested, 5 minutes after the class was officially over, that if anyone wanted to go that was fine. No one even shuffled or shifted. I appreciate your willingness to stay over an hour later than anticipated answering questions. Thanks again Rob. The feedback was unanimously positive."
Harriet Stephenson, Ph. D., Director Entrepreneurship Center
Seattle University Albers School of Business and Economics (Seattle, WA)

"Thanks again for coming to my 'Strategy in Entrepreneurial Ventures Class'. The students really appreciated the insights that you provided to the case discussion. I also think that the case comes out nicely and contains many valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and scholars alike."
Thomas Hellmann, Professor Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
"Excellent presentation. The tips you provided from your own personal experience make your presentation more valuable than any textbook ever could."
Erin Biertzer, SWFPAC

"A great synthesis of the information needed to ask for financial support for a business venture."
David Pereles, Fluke Corporation

"A very enlightening introduction to venture capital. Thanks!"
Eric Trepanier, Farmers Insurance

"Excellent program, takes the voodoo out of the VC process."
David Pugh, Boeing

"Great information, this was an untouched topic in my MBA program."
Jane Liskutin, Polaris Engineering

"Excellent and worthwhile."
Excellent and worthwhile

"Excellent - Thank you."
Dan Harper, Boeing

"Excellent, really helpful."
Mary Beth McKenna

"Extremely helpful and refreshing."
Doug Meyers

"Very good, energetic!"
Christine Miller, Nordstrom Inc.

"Good - Very informative."
Chris Martin, SeaFirst

"Good information, helped me clear up where the VC fits in the picture"
"Very interesting, at lot of good information"
Karol Shane, US West


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