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Consulting Clients
"Your participation held great value for our team during the critical launch phase when we needed to develop a business plan and portfolio under a very tight deadline and budget constraints. You have definitely been recognized as proficient in financial engineering, especially given the sophistication of our business model and investment targets. Your many hours invested with our senior team in crafting strategy elements were key to our success in attracting Bechtel Enterprises."
John DeFeo, President & CEO
Incepta Ventures L.L.C.

"Your significant knowledge base, research tools, and experience in analyzing and developing business models of this nature (e-commerce) were essential for meeting the tight deadline in only 4 weeks. Your writing and financial modeling skills freed my executive time, (and) your superb understanding of the venture capital process enabled this plan to be... (clearly communicated) in investor language."
CEO, Multiple Zones Inc. (Renton, WA)

"I fully support the VenLogic program. To raise capital quickly, entrepreneurs need to present investors a properly prepared venture package with the appropriate protocol. VenLogic's program aims to give investors what they want - quality; and Entrepreneurs what they want - capital!"
Cherie Arnold, Former President
Investors' Circle (San Francisco, CA)

"Rob has proven to be a smart, skilled and hard-working colleague - he has great integrity, a superb work ethic, and an expert understanding of the range of Internet business models that we have been studying, and a good range of contacts in early stage deals in Seattle and Silicon Valley, He has also developed a broad set of analytical and educational tools for working with entrepreneurs that I think would be very valuable to any venture development firm. Entrepreneurs often don't know what they don't know. To raise capital quickly, entrepreneurs must invest in themselves and get up to speed on the process - fast. VenLogic's program for preparing and screening venture deals strikes with great precision, exactly what venture investors look for."
Dave Davison, former VC, MK Global Partners;
Private Investor, Band of Angels (Palo Alto, CA)

"I am happy to report that we have received a firm, inventory secured debt financing. This financing arrangement will enable HTI to grow its business without sale of equity, which is a very attractive position for our stockholders. Without the extensive and detailed preparation work which we engaged in under the guidance of VenLogic, HTI would not have been able to secure this type of support."
President, HTI (Bellingham, WA)
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