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Domain Knowledge & Experience

Strategic Equity Marketing™
A company's business model is only as good as it's ability to raise capital to execute it. VenLogic developed the Equity Marketing Framework™ which has received acclaim from hundreds of executives, investors, and venture professionals.

Strategic Equity Marketing™ is a unique thought leadership framework which defines the process by which intangibles, such as stock or equity, are sold typically to investors in a way that leverages existing product marketing know-how. Follows a memorable "4P's of marketing" model, translated to equity which quickly identifies and categorizes deal killers.

VenLogic is the first in the industry to provide unique tools which teach the model cost effectively. VenLogic also provides these services directly for faster results.
  • Equity Market Planning - Investor profiling, deal positioning, shareholder modeling, market sizing and segmentation.
  • Equity Sales Planning - Equity sales channel design, compensation, deal modeling, and message design.
  • Equity Market Test - Investor focus groups for price testing & deal refinement.
  • Equity Sales Support - Road show support through negotiations and closing.
Board Development Programs
Most early stage companies fail to raise capital because they don't have the right advisors in place. VenLogic is recognized for it's superior value-added assessment programs that help companies develop the right board for their needs using an innovative team building facilitation program in an objective, neutral environment.
VenLogic offers 3 powerful facilitated assessment programs which enable companies to interview executives and professionals in order to develop a board that suits their needs:
  • Level 1: Baseline Assessment
  • Level 2: Solution Review
  • Level 3: Investor Board Review
Business Model Architects
VenLogic has developed business modeling knowledge and experience in the following market sectors:
  • Government Labs (non-profit investor) - (Air Force Research Lab)
  • Venture funds (Incepta, VentureStream, Checkmate Ventures)
  • Telecommunications (WiMax, 3G Wireless, ASP, telco billing systems, ISP, long distance, protocols, embedded software)
  • Networking (firewalls, managed security providers)
  • E-commerce (portals, e-tail sales, matching networks, aggregators, referral communities)
  • Software (ASP, RDBMS compiler & run time models, 2D bar coding, communication protocols)
  • Private Investor Networks (Investors' Circle, Northwest Capital Network)
  • Wealth Management
  • And Others: Plastics production, exit sign retrofit solutions, and textiles.
Best Practices Venture Analysis Means
VenLogic brings in-depth expertise in performing competitive intelligence in nascent and invisible investor markets, with several thousand hours logged in using an array advanced research tools.
  • Research Databases: Lexis-Nexis, Dow Jones Interactive, Investext, Reuters
  • Technical Market Research: Forrester, Nielsen Netratings, IDC, Gartner, Yankee Group, VentureOne
  • Individual Background Searches: D&B, Experian, US Datalink, Pinkertons
  • Personal relationships with industry leaders and key influencers
  • Advisory relationships with seasoned executives and venture capital advisors
Best Practices Customer Service Means
  • All client data is held in strict confidence.
  • All research meets the ethical guidelines of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.
  • All clients cases are carefully logged, tracked, managed, and stored in a secure facility and network.
  • Clients receive top priority when in negotiations.
  • Web-based access to client records available via secure Internet access
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