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"Private Equity is a security class - not a rock to hide under"


Finding & Qualifying Investors - A CEO Time Sinkhole
  • More sources of capital than ever, many funds returning capital back to limited partners.
  • Many investors don't practice "capital marketing" to communicate their needs and are unable to attract the right deal for them.
  • Others simply prefer to remain anonymous, requiring access to trust networks.
  • Corporate VC growth is cyclical.  CVCs averaged 45% CAGR over the past 4 years, with more than 900 firms worldwide and cut nearly in half with the 2002 recession
  • CVC access is complex - require an understanding of strategic and organizational needs to achieve financing.
  • Growing number of institutional venture firms (2,000+) and private equity investors (50k+) in the past 10 years.
  • The Dot-Com era attracted just about anybody with capital into private investing, which impaired normal best practices by traditional firms. 

Solution - Equity Marketing Intelligence 
Advanced Information Research Power Tools 
  • Accelerate the Search & Sort Steps
  • Separate investors with a litigious track record from those who have led public offerings.
  • Experienced VC Talent Selects Best-Fit Prospects
  • Competitive Intelligence Pre-Qualifies and Lines Up Gatekeepers
  • Venture Advisory Board Coordinates Story, Sequence & Strategy
  • CEO Sells the Deal
Bottom Line Benefits:
  • 50% Faster Time to Money
  • Less Risk of Failure
  • Lower Cost to Market & Sell Equity
  • Advisory Board Recruiting
  • Research Cost Savings & Time
  • Faster CEO Decisions
  • Better Quality, Smarter Money for Your Deal Type
  • Better Valuation
  • Less Business Diversion

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