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How to get started

For Early-Stage CEOs Raising Capital, Getting Started is Easy:

1. Buy a Tool on DVD, have your team watch it, perform exercises using the tools enclosed, and prepare for an intensive 2-hour consultation.
2. Register for a Discovery Program Workshop, have your executive team complete the preliminary training before taking on the more intensive Venture Assessment. Its crucial that your team is able to respond in sync to get the maximum benefit of the feedback from the venture expert panel.
3. Sign up for a Venture Assessment Program - achieve maximum results with real-time feedback from a venture expert panel, in your location or on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley.

The VenLogic tools and programs makes it much easier and safer. This program has been designed to your advantage to enable you to cost effectively move to the next level as your proficiency rises, while simultaneously building your unique fund raising strategy. The ultimate goal is about enabling success in a professional, executive environment.

What makes sense for me? If you need assistance in chosing which tool or program is right for your needs, see the Program Selector Guide. We welcome you to contact us direct or via email. We may respond with a time to speak by phone which is best for us both. If you forward us the responses to the questions below, we can set aside the time to be adequately prepared in the call. Of course, at this stage of the relationship it is premature for VenLogic to consider equity or contingency in exchange for services. The best way to get started is to understand our tools and approach, that way we're more in sync on the process from the onset.

Venture Assessment Preparation
Once you are registered, we start working right away to prepare you for the assessment program. Once your team has had the opportunity to watch the Venture Assessment Tools - Standard Edition DVD, an Assessment Preparation Meeting will be arranged.

The Assessment Prep Meeting will cover many issues, including:

1. How current is your business plan?

2. How current are your financial projections and financial/shareholder models?

3. Do you have corporate securities counsel actively engaged?

4. How many individuals on your team have venture fund raising experience?

5. How many individuals with venture fund raising experience actively sit on your board of directors and board of advisors?

6. What is your equity marketing budget?

7. How many investors or intermediaries (e.g. securities broker dealers) have you presented your current opportunity to in the last 90 days?

8. Have you verified your pre-money valuation with prospective investors?

9. Do you have any specific VenLogic start dates in mind?

10. Please state your Assessment Program preference:
      a. Level: Level 1 Baseline Profile, Level 2 Solution Profile, or Level 3 Investor Board Review
      b. Format: Panel or Private Program
      c. Location: Your office, Seattle, or Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area

Feel free to send us your responses in advance so we make most efficient use of your time.

You're on your way to designing your Structured Funding Program and getting funded!

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