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  What is DVD-R?
In Fall of 2002, according to, VenLogic was the first to create a new product category on DVD-R media. As a result, they were required to update their database "bindings", a simple but important change, that enabled them to sell this innovative new product in the Marketplace.
What is DVD-R?

DVD-R technology plays on most conventional home DVD players with the added benefit of being computer-friendly.

DVD-R stores up to 4.7 gigabytes of data, or up to 2 hours of video per 1 layer disc.

DVD-R provides resolution which is far greater than that offered by laser disc media and almost twice the resolution of standard VHS videotape with clear high fidelity sound.

DVD-R connects you to the Internet during the viewing experience. When used in a PC connected to the Internet, interacting with the DVD player controls will open the Browser and take you to the web site for more information. This links you directly to the speaker contact information, online downloads and courseware supplements. These links will continue to update the information, should it change in the future, extending the shelf life of this product indefinitely.

DVD-R Player Compatability

DVD standards are still migrating, with new standards like Blu-Rayemerging. While computer DVD player software can be updated much more readily than home players which has it's software "burned in", DVD-R discs may not be fully compatible with a few of the early home DVD players. Compatibility ranges anywhere from 70 to 90% in home players, and is getting better each quarter.

If you intend to use this on your home DVD player, we encourage you to check the DVD home player compatbility listprovided by Apple before purchasing this product. We have not experienced any problems with compatablity to date and fully expect that you will be satisfied with the program. We provide the "Preview Edition"that you may use to test your system. Of course, you can contact usvia email if you have any compatbility questions before purchasing.

Versus CD-Rom

DVD-Rom is a dense media disc that holds 7 times as much data as conventional CD-Rom. It would take 7 CD-Roms to hold the data contained on 1 DVD-R. Therefore, DVD-R discs will not play in a conventional CD-Rom player on a PC. but in a DVD Player or DVD-enabled PC.

Versus VHS

A prime advantage DVD-R has over VHS video tape, of course, is that the disc is not physically touched while it spins in the player, so there is no wear and tear or loss of fidelity over time. In contrast, videotapes do touch a playback mechanism and eventually break down, degrading the quality of picture. As a result, DVD-R should supplant conventional CD-ROMs in computers in the near future.

Benefits of DVD-R
  • Flexible. Convenient. Busy executives get access to insider wisdom not found at many conferences. A Structured Funding Program in a box.
  • Simple. Compatible. All the video and handouts are self-contained in one product package. No video drivers or special high speed Internet connections required. Just plug and play from a laptop or in the comfort of your living room.
  • Time to Wisdom 5.5 hours of highly synthesized content and tools accelerate the learning process. You could spend months and millions of dollars and never get the information in this program.
  • Handouts & Extras Over 50 MB of handouts and extras are included:
    Presentations, reports, financial spreadsheets, brochures, white papers.

DVD-R Information Links:
Apple - DVD Compatibility List (pdf)
DVD Compatability Test (pdf)

FREE players which come pre-installed, such as Windows Media Player, can be limited. Several companies specialize in DVD Player software:

DVD Software Players for PCs:
CuteDVD Player

DVD Software Players for PCs (Shareware):

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