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Tools for Educators - Student Discount Program

 Special Offer for University Faculty & MBA Students

    VenLogic offers executive level programs. These programs are designed to attract real entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors who seek knowledge on the venture assessment tools and process. We offer a number of ways for aspiring executives (e.g. university MBA students) to acquire these powerful tools and programs for use in Business Plan Competitions, case studies, and advanced research.

    Method 1: (Seattle Area Only) Through a special arrangement between Seattle University Entrepreneurship Center and VenLogic, qualified MBA Students can attend these advanced programs free of charge. Robert Kruse has been a member of the Alumni Advisory Board of Seattle University Albers School of Business since its inception.

  • Success Magazine Article: SU Named Top 50 Entrepreneurship Programs in the US

    To qualify, MBA Students must have met at least one of pre-requisites listed below:

    • MGMT 583 "New Venture Creation" by Professor Peter Raven, Ph.D., or

    • MGMT 586 "Entrepreneurship" by Professor Harriet Stephenson, Ph. D.


    Method 2: Students may purchase the material contained on the Venture Assessment Tools Part 1 - Student Edition DVD, at the recommendation of their University Faculty. This is Disc 1 from the Standard Edition DVD product modified for MBA students and recently used in the MGMT 586 course. This 2.5 hour educational seminar program containes over 40MB of handouts and information that is essential for students to understand if they desire to participate in these advanced programs. Standard DVD product support information applies.

    New Tools for Educators.
    We found that many of our clients are consulting professionals, managers or academics who provide some form of training to their clients. We wanted to provide them more tools to do their job better. Now they can purchase Diganostic Scoresheets, Wall Posters, and laminated diagnostics for emulating the venture assessment methods in the privacy of their own office.
    Educator Tool Catalog Here.

    University Faculty should contact VenLogic to arrange for the discount purchase of our products for use in the classroom.

    Other links of interest to University MBA Students:
    VenLogic Ventern Program
    SU Receives Equity in Ventern Program

Student Edition:
  • 2.5 Hours, 1 DVD-R
  • 40 MB Handouts
  • 2 Speakes
  • 4 Tools & Demonstrations

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