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Featured Experts on Video
Venture Experts who have elected to make their message available on the Venture Assessment Tools - Part I program.

"The VenLogic programs allow me to have efficient, direct contact with an esteemed audience of CEOs and investors. The program helps all parties mitigate risk and prepare them for life as a public company."
David Wright, Senior Vice President NASDAQ Insurance Agency

At the time this was produced, David ran the West Coast Sales and Service office for NASDAQ Insurance Agency LLC. Nasdaq created the Nasdaq Issuer Insurance Agency to provide next generation Nasdaq companies with the consulting and brokerage expertise to lead your company to greater success and the public markets. Companies gain direct access to high-value, highly customized insurance, loss prevention services, and employee benefits programs, as well as real-time information on risk and insights on managing it. Dave has fifteen years of industry experience having held both underwriting and insurance/risk management consulting positions.

Remove risk by preparing for the IPO process today.

David will bring a forward looking view of the requirements for a successful IPO on NASDAQ. A critical component to mitigating risk for public shareholders is the need for companies to install best-practices as early as possible in their company formation. David brings simple, cost effective solutions for companies who need to mitigate risk in the two most critical areas of an emerging company - Directors & Officers, and Human Resources (Employee) Liabilities. His insight offers detailed perspective on what VCs look for in a top management team.

"I'm thankful for all VenLogic has done to expand my circle. The VenLogic program has worked for me and I know it will work for you."
David O'Rourke, Vice President Zurich Scudder Private Investments
(Acquired by Deutche Bank)

At the time this was produced, David was with Zurich Scudder. He is responsible for building new client relationships with wealthy individuals, families and their related business and philanthropic entities in Northern California. He comes to Zurich Scudder with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Scudder Private Investment Counsel, David was the Regional Vice President, Private Asset Management, for Neuberger Berman, focusing on the Silicon Valley area.

The Personal Wealth Journey

David will speak on the entrepreneur's Personal Wealth Journey. This is the only presentation focused, not on the early-stage firm, but the individual. According to Ernst & Young, 75% of executives surveyed do not have a personal wealth management plan. Executives are introduced to the world of private wealth management and the benefits of planning early to mitigate tax liabilities from major liquidity events. Smart wealth management requires a professional to navigate the complex, jargon rich environment that includes trusts, personal foundations, philanthropy, off shore strategies, and much more. He leaves the audience with a strategy for developing their mission statement for their money and how to gain the best long-term return for their family and other beneficiaries.

"We prefer that all of our prospective investees participate in the VenLogic venture assessment program. I strongly encourage all of our international chapters to participate."
Hal Nissley, Chairman and CEO International Angel

Hal runs International Angel Investors (IAI), a private equity membership organization with over 10,000 members across 10 chapters in 6 countries. Last month IAI hosted its 3rd annual investor conference, a 3 day event which featured luminary speakers from around the world. Hal is a national speaker on private equity investing and is fluent in international securities laws of several countries.

Angel Investing in a Nut Shell

Hal will speak on Board of Directors Compensation, founders vesting of stock, BOD Committees and provide us with some of his best war stories.

"It's a trusted process, where the CEO, Investors and experts get together to evaluate and improve the company. This process saves the company precious months, and bypasses significant frustration, in just a few days."
Bill Rus, President Venture Analytics Inc.

Bill is President of Venture Analytics, Inc. Venture Analytics provides market research to help companies bring ideas quickly to market and profitability. We help maximize product potential and sales, accelerate time to market, and minimize risk. Whether you are a seed-stage startup or a Global 100 firm, Venture Analytics provides solid research and guidance to maximize your performance and minimize your risk. Before founding Venture Analytics, Bill was Vice President and Chief Analyst at Gartner, where he researched emerging markets, and covered venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Gartner, Bill was Senior Analyst, Strategic Marketing, at Autodesk, where he performed market research for more than 100 new products, business initiatives and acquisitions.

Positioning for success. How to articulate your unique space.

Bill provides valuable insight into the most enigmatic question posed by venture investors - how to articulate your unique value proposition. For first time entrepreneurs, this is an incredibly difficult mysterious process that is so subtle, a shift in a word or phrase can instantly take you out of the game. Gain an unfair advantage in overcoming the investor's secret weapon for screening your deal out fast. Position of for success the first time, or be positioned out of the game by the investor in seconds.

"We invested over 12 man-years in developing this program to meet the high standards of the VC industry. I'm confident you will find this a very enjoyable and profitable experience."
Robert Kruse, Managing Partner VenLogic LLC

VenLogic Equity Marketing Institute provides a best-practices learning experience and investment readiness programs. VenLogic provides unique consultative tools and content by an expert faculty for executives seeking venture capital in today's rigorous capital markets environment. VenLogic has been a trusted advisor to private equity investors and CEOs in Silicon Valley, Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver BC, and Melbourne, Australia since 1996. Since that time, VenLogic clients have directly raised millions in capital due in part to its services. Venture fund clients have invested over $90M in capital in telecommunications projects in Europe and Canada.

Equity Marketing Raises Capital Faster

Today the CEO is facing a complex equity marketing problem. Not only must the company figure out how to develop a solid, venture-ready deal (equity product) and communicate its uniqueness (position), the CEO must also find smart money investors (placement), and sell the deal at the right price without losing it. Using the wrong marketing and sales strategy to get to the right customer can be a fatal mistake. Yet, the basic marketing tools used to sell any product apply to selling equity. Robert will introduce a equity roadmap tool which quickly identifies the most critical issues from the unique vantagepoint of the venture investor. Can be used to gauge the time to money for companies that are early in the development process.

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