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Step 6: Market Test Assessment

Market Test Assessments are the CEO's final checkpoint equivalent to the "Red Herring" process in public equity markets. It's the last chance to verify all the pieces are in place and that they are ready to put their credibility on the line - since most CEOs know they only get 1 shot with investors. This critical step is the product marketing equivalent to a focus group that helps the CEO determine if the equity product is truly ready for sale, or if they need to go back to the kitchen and let the deal mature a bit longer.

Within the Equity Marketing FrameworkTM, this is where the "whole product model" gets tested. We know from product markets, that if a product is incomplete; if the positioning is not uniquely differentiated; if the referral channel placement is wrong; or if the prices is too high or too low - the customer will not buy. Omitting any of the key aspects results in a Deal Killer. The key purpose behind the Equity Marketing Framework is to check for and eliminate Deal Killers through a facilitated Market Test Assessment program.

VenLogic's Market Test Assessment faculty partners are leading experts carefully selected for their experience in private equity. VenLogic works with the faculty to apply the assessment tools in performing a rapid venture assessment which can have a significant impact on the company in a matter of hours. Results are written up into a report that is for internal use, or may be provided to venture investors at the CEO's option.
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