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Expert Venture Analyst: Forrester Research, London
"Equity marketing is a significant challenge to even the seasoned CEO of a private technology business requiring venture funding. We're pursuing joint venture discussions with VenLogic to allow their consulting expertise to be melded with our intimate knowledge of the technology marketplato enable CEO's with the tools, strategy and knowledge to secure venture funding both faster and more effective."

"What I always liked about your process from the first time we met is the human interaction of it. To me that is where the value is. The DVD got me hooked. When it stopped, I felt like I felt at the end of the second Matrix movie. I wanted to see the rest of it. It's really good. That's how I felt."

Carl Allen
Director, Venture Capital
Forrester Research, Inc.
London, UK

Venture Professional Consultant: Venture Positioning Services, Perth
Simple, Compelling, Powerful, Effective
"When you think back about what made the last great book you bought really valuable, you no doubt think about the insights it provided that helped change the way you view and understand a subject. Amongst the best books are those where the initial insights give you a new perspective, but there is much more; a series of discoveries that unfold several new layers of understanding, as you progress through the chapters. The Venlogic DVD holds these rare qualities.

As a developer of innovation intensive ventures, a consultant to venturing organisations and a course leader in a MBA venture creation program, I find this work holds immensely valuable and practical perspectives. The equity marketing concept is a highly effective means of communicating what it takes to get funded. At the next level, the Venture Maturity Model provides a multilayered tool for assessing, designing and progressively implementing new ventures.

This structured approach creates a language that assists VCs and entrepreneurs to communicate effectively with one another. Taken to its full potential by advanced practitioners, it has the potential to significantly enhance the productivity of the venturing process for entrepreneurs, professional advisory firms, and investors alike. Which means for entrepreneurs you understand how to design and position your venture successfully right from the outset; for advisors you can prioritise and communicate clearly a work program to the client that will get them VC investment ready; and for investors it means having an effective framework for communicating about the strengths and weaknesses of a potential investment as well as a tool for measuring progress as you work with the entrepreneur to prepare, with precision, for the next funding round."

Andrew Duff
Principal, co-founder
Venture Positioning Investments, Pty Ltd
Perth, Australia
T: 61 (0)8 9367 1511

Investment Ready Innovation

Channel Marketing Expert: Channel Ventures

"Rob and the VenLogic team is best-in-class at this specialty educational service niche and much cheaper to learn from than paying hard knocks tuition."

Scott Karren
Channel Ventures, LLC
Bainbridge Island

Internationally recognized experts in Channel Marketing

Senior Executive Recruiter: Devon James Associates

"The Value is so high, its hard to put a price on it."

Devon James Associates
Devon James Associates
Bellevue, WA | Menlo Park, CA

CEO Recruiter to top Venture Capital firms
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