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Is this for you?
This Program is Ideal for:
  • Entrepreneurs raising capital.
  • Board Members of companies seeking venture financing.
  • Corporations seeking new tools that apply the "VC Test" to a new project or spinout

  • Private Investor 'Angel' Networks seeking new tools to streamline the deal review process
  • Private Investors seeking new tools to better run their investment business
  • Venture Funds seeking new tools to provide consistent screening and feedback process
  • Limited Partners seeking new tools for managing VC investment portfolios

  • Professionals, CPAs, Lawyers seeking continuing education for assessing new ventures for clients
  • University educators teaching venture capital, entrepreneurship, and/or managing business plan competitions
  • Trade Associations seeking new tools that stimulate new business development for its members

 Learn the new rules in a safe environment
It has never been more expensive, difficult, or risky to raise capital to launch a new company without the proper tools.

The rules have changed significantly. Do you know them? Are you sure?
  • Avoid a rude awakening that catches you by surprise. Show up smarter.
  • Mitigate Risk for you and your clients
  • Make tough, critical decisions faster
  • Save millions for investors
  • Save equity for shareholders
  • Avoid common career limiting mistakes made everyday.

This program costs a fraction of what it took to develop through the school of hard knocks.
Guaranteed - you will need this information sooner than later.
Guaranteed - this program is more polite, easier, faster and less expensive
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