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I. Wisdom

You will simply have more fun getting smarter in our programs.
You get very smart, very fast. You learn as fast as you can absorb the information, so the work gets done.
You perform in 2 days what can take 2 months.
Cutting through the fog can have productive, rewarding results that builds credibility.

Learning the process on your own is one of the most costly, time sinkholes the CEO will ever face.
CEOs have to become proficient in two worlds - their market and the capital market.
CEOs and corporate managers face a steep learning curve.
To be successful, CEOs must learn to navigate a dynamic capital market landscape with proficiency.

"Nobody Raises Money but the CEO"

The CEOs getting funded today are smart about how to package their deal to get financed.
  • They use proven best-practices techniques & tools, which we will share with you.
  • They use proven experts, who we will introduce you to.
  • They know that the first impression means everything, and that they only get one shot.
  • They think out of the box by learning what worked for others, which will save you time and money.
  • They use multiple strategies, which you need to put to work now to guarantee success.
Dynamic & Sophisticated Capital Markets Landscape

CEOs Must Avoid Over-shopping the Deal. You get 1 shot

II. Introductions

You will meet smart, accomplished, interesting people like you.
You will meet the trusted professionals, gatekeepers and investors early on.
Your advisory network proven experts grows instantly.
How you use this network can instantly add to the valuation of your business.

A recent program had over $100M in net worth in attendance, with entrepreneurs sitting right next to investors.
  • What matters is relevancy and relationships.
  • What matters is the right maturity match between the investor and entrepreneur.
  • What matters is a trusted environment to learn the process and develop a common understanding.
  • What matters is that the CEO and the investor understand the implications of a long term relationship.

"Getting financed will always be about developing the right relationships."

We set the stage for success. You execute.
Unlike most venture conferences, workshops, and seminars, our program is a designed platform that gets everyone engaged in the process of building your business and enabling you to be a success.

We arm you with Silver Bullets. Success is always up to you.
The Tools & Environment Makes the Difference

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