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Level 1: Baseline Assessment

Non-Certified Assessment Report: Baseline Profile
The program begins by establishing a baseline profile, which meets investor's minimum requirements for a non-certified Assessment Report.

This program is for anyone who is new to the VenLogic model, tools and language and needs to establish their baseline for investors. Later programs assume that the company is familiar with the tools and has examined their baseline results. Baseline Assessment results are also used to familiarize Faculty Panel members prior to their attending more advanced programs, leaving more time to discuss results and strategy relevant to the company's needs.

Leve1 Pre- requisite: Venture Assessment Tools DVD (Standard Edition) calibrates the team on the venture assessment process and language.

We offer two delivery formats: private reviews or facilitated workshops:

Baseline Assessment (Private) - are provided by VenLogic only, with no outside solution partner or investor involvement. VenLogic interviews the company, completes the tools, and delivers an assessment report option selected below. Some disclosure of the company's confidential information is required. These programs are simple and quickest to schedule and perform.

Baseline Assessment (Workshop) - are workshops where the company will meet other peer executives in a similar stage of growth (but different market space). VenLogic leads the attendees (from 1 to 5 companies) through completing the baseline assessment exercise, and delivers a Baseline Assessment Report after compiling the team's results. A guest panel of solution experts assists in providing interpretation of the tools to the company's situation. Little to no disclosure of the company's confidential information is required in the workshop. Companies get the benefit of the added perspective in an entertaining and intellectually stimulating environment. Private interviews are conducted prior to, and upon completion of the workshop.

Fee Varies based on Report Depth

Summary Report - VenLogic provides an executive summary report using 8 different tools to describe the situation in investor language. Total document size ranges from 8 to 12 pages.

Full Report - VenLogic spends an additional day to document the program and provides a full report for the company, investors and board members to review. The full report uses from 8 to 12 different tools to describe the situation in investor language along with a comprehensive venture analyst opinion. At its option, VenLogic may perform and choose to include outside research to support it's findings. Total document size ranges from 25 to 40 pages and usually results in a more comprehensive critique of the business plan and investor presentation slides.

  Benefits   Deliverables
Solutions Related
  • Insider Network Relationships
  • Solution Expert & Peer Group Networking (workshop only)
    Performance Related
  • Team Building
  • Clear Proven Process
  • Message Testing & Refinement
  • Interactive Interview
    Tool-enabled Program Materials
    Venture Investor-like Interview
    VC Feedback Related
  • Begins Due Diligence Process
  • VC Tools / Message Compression
  • Objective Feedback Report

  • 6 assessment tools discussed and applied
    Baseline Assessment Report (non-certified)

    Time Commitment
  • Consultative Interview & Analysis
  • Private Program/ Workshop
  • 1 Day at VenLogic Offices, Onsite, Phone
    1 Day at VenLogic Offices, Private or Workshop
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