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Level 2: Solutions Profile

Certified Assessment Report: Action Plan Review
The program proposes solutions to fill gaps in an Action Plan, which meets investor's minimum requirements for a certified Assessment Report.

This program is for companies at Step 3 who require solutions fast. Companies receive two full days of consulting to assess the action plan requirements, followed by a full day with a panel of solution experts that the company may profile for the purpose of role playing only. The program quickly reviews the company's Level 1 Baseline Assessment results, and proceeds through a series of action planning exercises designed to fine tune key strategies with solution demonstrations. The company is able to rapidly evaluate and profile solution partners, while receiving valuable input on positioning their deal for investors.

These issues tend to be matters handled by the CEO, which are very time consuming and expensive for individuals with limited personal networks. Companies in this program have a very clear sense of self. They understand their strengths and weaknesses are prepared to take steps to execute according to best practices. Key to attracting investor capital is providing a convincing business case that articulates exactly how solutions will take place with proven professionals.

This issue is at the root of the most common catch-22 that results in more companies failing to raise capital. You need solutions that create a "complete deal" to get funded, however you can't hire the experts without funding. Half the battle is identifying the trusted insiders - the experts that give investors confidence that the risk will be mitigated enough to invest on the premise that they are retained post-funding. VenLogic helps CEOs solve this critical problem fast.

The assessment analysis and recommendations are documented into an Action Plan Report, which includes scenarios for budget estimates engaging solution partners. The company is under no obligation to engage solution partners for resolving their issues, but is advised to use the process and budget information to reset expectations among team members and current investors before finalizing their fund raising strategy. This is an educational feedback program only. Solution development strategy, not stock solicitation, is the purpose of this program.

Level 2 Pre-requisite: Level 1 Baseline Assessment Report, which calibrates the expert panel to the company's situation so they may have time to prepare in advance.

We offer two delivery formats: facilitated panel or private reviews.

Solution Expert Review (Panel) - is a program designed to introduce the company to a panel of solution experts. The company will receive more than 60 man-hours of consultation. This is a very intense program that results in a flood of information, carefully organized by VenLogic and presented into an Action Plan Report for management.

Featured Expert (Private) - is a private version of the same program designed for speed and limiting of confidential information. The company is introduced to one solution expert who brings a solution to a critical problem they are experiencing.

  Benefits   Deliverables
Funding related
  • Investor Market Segmentation
  • Equity Sales Channel Design
  • Consultative Tool-enabled Discussion
    Consultative Tool-enabled Discussion
    Solutions Related
  • Insider Network Relationships
  • Identify & Demo
  • Identify Strategic Partners
  • Solution Expert Panel Review & Relationship Building
    Solutions Solution Expert Demonstrations
    Strategic Partner Introductions (where applicable)
    Performance Related
  • Team Building
  • Clear Proven Process
  • Message Testing & Refinement
  • Interactive Team Building Exercises
    Tool-enabled Program Materials
    Facilitated Assessment & Feedback Analysis
    VC Feedback Related
  • VC Tools / Message Compression
  • Objective Feedback Report
  • Financial Engineering Review
  • Valuation Review
  • Leveraged Environment
  • 8 assessment tools discussed and applied
    Action Plan Report (certified)
    Opinion included in Report
    Facilitated Assessment & Feedback Analysis
    Pre-program design, Facilitated Assessment & Feedback Analysis
    Time Commitment
  • Consultative Interview & Analysis
  • Private Program/Panel Program
  • 2 Days Location: VenLogic Offices, Onsite, Phone
    1 Day Location: VenLogic Offices, Onsite, Panel Program
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