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Structured Funding Tools
Venture Assessment Tools Part I - PREVIEW EDITION
For CEOs, Investors, Boards, & Professionals
Structured Funding Programs
Preview Edition: $49.95
  • 2 Workshops (45 Min.)
  • 2 Venture Prof. Speakers
  • 2 Tools to Print Out
  • 12 MB Handouts (PDF)
  • DVD Format

  • Video iPod Now Available!

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Venture Assessment Tools Part 1 - Preview EDITION
An Introduction to the Equity Marketing Framework

Essential foundation course for CEOs raising capital.
Equity Marketing™ Framework Explained. Exclusive. Critical.

Venture Assessment Tools used by Silicon Valley venture investors are now available to CEOs, Investors, Boards, & Professionals. Learn the carefully guarded venture assessment techniques based on the Equity Marketing framework, a method for rapid deal analysis.

Learn how an investor uses a carefully designed “scorecard,” and in less than 5 minutes, can screen out your investment opportunity that could have taken 6 months and thousands of dollars to develop. VenLogic provides powerful tools that give executives seeking capital a time-to-funding advantage when preparing for venture assessments and investor due diligence.

Equity Marketing is becoming a new term of art for CEOs raising capital. It was introduced by VenLogic in 1998 in the Wall Street Journal. Reviews by numerous VCs, private investors, domain experts, MBA professors and executives agree that this is the foundation material every CEO must have in their toolbox before seeking financing. The private equity investor rules have changed. Learn a memorable process for decoding the deal killers to successful venture financing.

This is the first time this key material has been available on DVD, with excerpts from a recent presentation in front of a live audience of private equity and corporate investors with a net worth of over $100M. The program material is based on over 10 man-years of effort to research and develop, and involved the input of over 100 venture investors, professionals, executives, and academics.
  A Private Executive Seminar
Venture Financing Roundtable (VFR)
Experience it Live. Be a part of the studio audience.

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