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Structured Funding Tools
Digital Workshop - Chad Waite, OVP Venture Partners (VFR 20)
For CEOs, Investors, Boards, & Professionals
Structured Funding Programs
Digital Workshop: $99.95
  • 1 Workshops (90 Min.)
  • 2 Venture Expert Speakers

VenLogic Extras Included:
  • 2 Tools & Handouts (PDF)
  • Convenient DVD Format

  • Video iPod Now Available!

Program Trailer
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Why Tools Matter?
  • Front row. Best seat in the house every time.
  • No fancy clothes! Cut dry cleaning and travel costs.
  • Instant Access. Forget the mad dash through traffic delays and parking problems.
  • Optimized for the best possible picture, sound & content.
  • Visual. See reactions and body language on the big screen TV or on a laptop.
  • Private. Nobody needs to know what you know and what you donĚt know.
  • Focused. Learn what matters most - skip the unnecessary side conversations.
  • Handouts. Follow along with the handouts, stop and start as often as you like
  • Its all there. No hunting down extra files from a web site.
  • Portable. No spotty broadband connections required. No jerky video to waste your time.
  • Train Up. Coordinate your team more conveniently for a fraction of the usual training cost.
  • Get Prepared Fast. Research your target customer now.
  • Anticipate. Know the investors' needs and better anticipate how they will react.
  • Negotiate. Build a better negotiation strategy that gives you the edge.

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