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Structured Funding Tools

Venture Assessment Tools Part 2 - US Air Force Edition
For CEOs, Investors, Boards, & Professionals
Structured Funding Programs


USAF Edition: $995
  • 2 Hours, 2 DVD-R
  • 60 MB Handouts
  • 2 Venture Prof. Speakers
  • 4 Tools & Demonstration
  • USAF VC Report (88 pp)
  • CEO Presentation
  • 2 Hours Consultation

  • Video iPod Available!

Program Trailer
Contains authentic work performed under two USAF initiated studies on venture capital.
Use of the USAF logo is for descriptive purposes only and is not an endorsement of the parties herein.
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Executive Startup Client - Charter Airline Seeking $5M
"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your assistance, and I will never forget the strength and knowledge that VenLogic offered in this program. As a result, our company has been acquired and funded. We are set to start flying this summer.

I wasnít sure what to expect, because weíre fairly new on the venture side of things. We came here with the idea that we would learn something new and we certainly have.
I felt that it was a very warm room with great camaraderie among the people that were here.
I came away with the reassurance that VenLogic uses the necessary tools to put the entrepreneur and investor together."

Sabrina Ford
Russia Jet Direct, Inc.
Rockford, IL

"A fascinating exercise. We need to know what we donít know. What we realize is that there are some specific things we need to put in our presentation. What I really wish we had is about 3 more hours of this. It was a delightful exercise. They made legitimate, honest comments. You canít get enough of that - Iíd love to have more.

I felt safe. A lot of the investors and professionals who attended have been where weíve been. I learned a tremendous amount in that short amount of time. I can only imagine what would happen if we had a whole afternoon of these exercises.
No Question, Absolutely Ė a good process for early stage entrepreneurs to go through."

Willy Honkala
Vice President, Sales
Russia Jet Direct, Inc.
Rockford, IL

Venture Capital Investors

"We got a sense of how things could be measured from a risk mitigation perspective and the decisions you have to make in determining the viability. If we could take somebody who is less experienced and make this a part of their training, then yes, it would be valuable.

Corporate VCs are all facing very similar issues when it comes to getting it right."

Michael OíLeary-Collins
Chief Executive
Greenhouse Ventures, Ltd.
London, UK

Venture Capital Investors & Consultants - Defense Sector

"Its good to find a scientifically derived model that can underpin the experiences we both as investors and entrepreneurs, and can use that as a reinforcing and training mechanism for the people that we employ. On the investment side, its much tougher to find somebody whose got that external experience. This is a good way of ensuring that we donít miss the one question out of 10,000 that happens to be the critical one."

Alex Pegley
Board Member
DSG Venture Consulting
London, UK

USAF Legal Counsel, Retired

"I think Rob has come closest to bridging the gap between how the federal sector plans its product development and how the capital marketplace assesses its risk opportunities. Let the dialogue begin!

VenLogic is aptly named. This isnít an approach for people that shoot from the hip or throw darts making decisions. Rob has done a lot of homework to methodically figure out what makes investment decisions succeed."

Col. Bernard Chachula
Attorney, USAF Retired.
Consultant to Wright Brothers Institute
Dayton, OH

Wright Brothers Institute

Robert Barthelemy
Director & CEO
Wright Brothers Institute
Dayton, OH

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