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Structured Funding Tools

Venture Assessment Tools Part 2 - US Air Force Edition
For CEOs, Investors, Boards, & Professionals
Structured Funding Programs


USAF Edition: $995
  • 2 Hours, 2 DVD-R
  • 60 MB Handouts
  • 2 Venture Prof. Speakers
  • 4 Tools & Demonstration
  • USAF VC Report (88 pp)
  • CEO Presentation
  • 2 Hours Consultation

  • Video iPod Available!

Program Trailer
Contains authentic work performed under two USAF initiated studies on venture capital.
Use of the USAF logo is for descriptive purposes only and is not an endorsement of the parties herein.
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Support Options

The Full Price Includes 2 hours of venture consulting with your team.
We will review the venture assessment exercises and tools (included) as seen applied in the workshop, on your case.
Proven effective in teleconference consulting sessions with teams located on the opposite side of the globe (Perth, Australia).
Contact us to arrange your private consultation time once your team has viewed the program.

Complimentary telephone support offered for DVD playback issues.

Notice! The USAF is seeking feedback from corporate and institutional investors interested in participating in a Feasibility Study for a NEW USAF Venture Fund Business Plan. Understanding the information enclosed is key to successful participation. The 2-hour consultation includes discussion of this opportunity.

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