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VenLogic Positioning Statement

VenLogic provides Structured Funding Toolsand executive Programs that enable CEOs to more easily raise venture financing, thereby saving time, money and equity. VenLogic's solutions are recommended by Silicon Valley private equity investors and blue chip partners, including NASDAQ Insurance , Morgan Stanley , Gray Cary Ware & Friedenrich , Zurich Scudder , V enture Analytics and many others.

VenLogic took its in depth understanding of the venture evaluation, development and management process to design a new category of venture assessment tools and consulting solutions for CEOs, private equity investors, and solution partners.

VenLogic brings over 30 original venture assessment tools that integrate with expert-led investment readiness programs for early stage companies and corporate projects. A tightly integrated tool-set enables a significant improvement in depth and consistency over the traditional initial screen by a venture investor. This accelerates the time required to provide comprehensive, critical feedback to executives seeking venture financing.

VenLogic's Structured Funding Program enables partners to develop a powerful new source of value-added offerings and revenues, which positions their brand of service high in the minds of the early-stage private equity market.

VenLogic's model is unique in that it is the first program designed to generate revenues for its partners from the deal flow qualification process, normally an expensive cost center.

VenLogic also provides strategic equity marketing consulting services, a core component of the Structured Funding Program , for clients who need to implement key recommendations. VenLogic's careful tool design, methodical validation, and executive quality packaging of the venture assessment tools is just one example of its product marketing prowess applied in an extremely challenging marketplace.

VenLogic has been a trusted advisor to private equity investors and CEOs in Silicon Valley & San Francisco Bay Area, Pacific Northwest, Vancouver BC, and Melbourne, Australia since 1996. Since that time, VenLogic clients have directly raised millions in capital due in part to its services. Venture fund clients have invested over $130M in capital in telecommunications projects in Europe and Canada.

Managing Partner, Robert Kruse earned a communications patent, raised seed capital to launch a telecommunications startup in 1994, and co-founded a $130M corporate venture fund with Bechtel Enterprises in 1999. VenLogic team members are venture savvy executives with similar experience and investor relationships.

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