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VC Endorsements
"I very much appreciated the opportunity to attend your presentation regarding the services of VenLogic. Your material and positioning is dead center right on! Its a unique service for Entrepreneurs and CEOs that should be extremely useful and valuable to them. Most importantly though, I think it would significantly increase their chances of getting financing and help keep them from making all the usual mistakes in marketing their companies to the VC community. I wish everyone that presented to AHVP seeking funding could go through your course, as it would make their job and our job a lot easier and efficient."
Kent L. Johnson, General Partner
Alexander Hutton Venture Partners
"Venlogic's service could have focused our efforts on more qualified investors and accelerated our search for equity partners by 1-2 months. A great concept!"
Mike Satterfield, General Partner
Yaletown Ventures
- Former CEO, Simba Technologies
"CEO's seeking venture funding will find the VenLogic Private Equity Marketing Service (PEMS) a great time and cost saver - and an effective way to manage the seemingly endless task of gaining access to the right investor. PEMS creates a customized roadmap to highly qualified investor prospects and a coaching service for those CEO's who need help in packaging, and preparing investor presentations. I believe PEMS can shorten the fund-raising cycle from months to weeks, especially for CEO's unfamiliar with the complexities of the private equity marketplace."
Dave Davison, Chairman
VentureStream LLC

"I have watched the VenLogic Equity Marketing program evolve and am impressed with its ability to meet the needs of VC firms and startup CEOs alike. I would recommend the venture community to leverage VenLogic╠s workshops so that they can put their limited resources to their existing portfolio companies, while aspiring entrepreneurs can concentrate on building a business. I think there is a good fit also with first time funds who have limited VC experience. Great job on condensing this difficult, elusive financial problem!"
Santhanam ¤SlimË Shekar, Former General Partner
ViVentures and Bechtel Enterprises - Tech Ventures

"After watching the VenLogic product evolve over the past few years, I can see a product that has now become a must for any CEO or Entrepreneur that is raising capital! The VenLogic methodology will save anyone valuable time - and add to the professionalism of the process - for finding the funding necessary to create a successful business venture. The process is so logical and time saving, that I can see funding companies of the future requiring this methodology to be adhered to."
Jim Frank, Partner, Warren Morris Ltd.
- Former President TeleMedia Resources, Inc.
- LP, Telecom Partners II

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