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Structured Funding Tools

Venture Assessment Tools Part 2 - US Air Force Edition
For CEOs, Investors, Boards, & Professionals
Structured Funding Programs


USAF Edition: $995
  • 2 Hours, 2 DVD-R
  • 60 MB Handouts
  • 2 Venture Prof. Speakers
  • 4 Tools & Demonstration
  • USAF VC Report (88 pp)
  • CEO Presentation
  • 2 Hours Consultation

  • Video iPod Available!

Program Trailer
Contains authentic work performed under two USAF initiated studies on venture capital.
Use of the USAF logo is for descriptive purposes only and is not an endorsement of the parties herein.
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Introducing the first DoD Compatible Venture Assessment Tools
- for Defense Technology Developers & Investors.

You will get in Disk 1:
  • The DoD technology investing landscape (Army, CIA, Navy, USAF, DARPA)
  • The DoD technology investing status
  • The US Air Force Venture Fund Options under consideration (88 page report, by Col. Bernard Chachula.)
  • The Wright Brothers Institute Recommendations to the USAF to consider when engaging with the venture capital community
  • How the USAF spreads it's investments like a Fund of Funds in 10 tech categories
  • USAF / DoD Venture Investing Landscape vs. the VC Industry
  • DoD Portfolio Managers Big Pain
  • DoD Terminology Translations to VC Speak
  • USAF Business Model Diagram
  • DoD& VC Industry Common Ground; Similarities & Differences
  • VC Best Practices & Tools that can benefit DOD TAechnology Investors
  • NASA Benchmark for measuring technology investment risk
  • DoD Tools that enable technology investor market segmentation for finding capital
  • DoD to VC Capital Market Translation (e.g. 6.2 funding = Series A, etc.)
  • Benefits of Venture Maturity Index in Complex Distributed Enterprise Portfolios

You will get in Disk 2:
  • 3 Killer Investor Questions - open an investment presentation like a can opener
  • Observe a CEO's Investor Presentation for raising $5M that successfully resulted an acquisition soon after this program.
  • How to diagram the focused business model (Investor Exercise for CEOs)
  • How to assess a technology project investment with the skills of a VC
  • What investors look for in a fundable, high technology product business case
  • How this project measures up to other projects at a similar stage of maturity
  • The venture packaging secrets of top executive teams
  • Analyze and benchmark a projectĚs funding probability
  • Critical factors that drive top priority, budget, and financing objectives.

You will get to observe:
  • Cross-functional input from peer group discussion.
  • Live Feedback on a project's strengths and weaknesses
  • Venture Assessment Tools Introduction
  • 16-Point Venture Diagnostic Overview
  • Business Model Diagram Tool & Exercises

Notice! The USAF is seeking feedback from corporate and institutional investors interested in participating in a Feasibility Study for a NEW USAF Venture Fund Business Plan. Understanding the information enclosed is key to successful participation. The 2-hour consultation includes discussion of this opportunity.

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