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Structured Funding Programs

"The Venture Financing Workshop"

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Executive Series
2 Day Applied Workshop - Solve Tough Problems

    Day 1: Venture Investor's Assessment Process Model
    Overall Goal: How investors assess (decode) a venture deal.

    What you will Learn.
  • How the VCs business model works
  • How to strategically position your deal
  • How to refine your business model diagram
  • How to assess deals like a venture investor:
    - Answer the top 3 killer investor questions
    - Use the Venture Maturity Index Tool to uncover deal maturity
    - Use demand modeling to drive investor returns
    - Build a financially engineered business case & deal model
    - Test your understanding of VC term sheet math

    Day 2: Structured Funding Program
    Overall Goal : Identify your solution path to funding.

  • VenLogic Structured Funding Program Overview: 7 Step Process
    - Equity Market Segmentation
    - Equity Sales Channel Design
    - Action Planning - mapping out your financing timeline
    - How to budget for the Equity Marketing & Sales Process
    - Why the Equity Marketing framework executes the funding process faster.

Download 2 Day Workshop Brochure

Live Venture Consulting.

For executives, private investors, and professionals.

Learn how to raise Venture Financing.
  • Ask the right questions to assess faster, better.
  • Apply the tools used by experienced venture professionals
  • Analyze and benchmark your company's funding probability
  • Spot the gaps in your path to funding
  • Design a roadmap to funding. Get real work done.

    Executive Benefits
  • Applied, accelerated learning sessions
  • Learn more in a day, or spend months searching for answers.
  • Powerful lasting results. Lifetime value.
  • Streamline and cut months off your financing initiative
  • Learn to identify the "Funding Fast-Track"
  • Learn how the Silicon Valley Investors look at your deal.
  • Learn how to spot & fix equity marketing problems faster
  • Get "Real Tools" you can use and apply today
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