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Structured Funding Programs

"Venture Financing Roundtable"

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  • 3 Hour Evening Program
  • Learn how to apply a new tool every session.
  • A unique high value experience each time.

You Will Get:
  • Live Venture Consulting
  • Tool handouts & demonstrations
  • Expert Faculty Introductions
  • Smarter. Engage in an intellectual conversation.
  • Executive Level Overview
  • State-of-the-market Insights
  • Peer environment & relationships

    A 3-Hour Conversation and Networking Program

You will learn the fundamentals of Strategic Equity Marketing for raising Venture Financing.

What is Equity Marketing?

The Equity Marketing Plan Treats Stock as a Product, Packages the Deal, Segments the Investor Market, Closes Investors Faster! You will get answers to the following equity marketing problems: Packaging How do I package my deal to meet high standards (the top 1%) of today's Silicon Valley VC?

Essential foundation course for executives raising capital, private and corporate investors.

Equity Marketing™ Framework Explained.
Exclusive. Critical to Success.

Equity Marketing is becoming a new term of art for CEOs raising capital. Introduced by VenLogic in 1998 in the Wall Street Journal (article download), reviews by numerous VCs, private investors, domain experts, MBA professors and executives agree this is the foundation material our audiences say every CEO must have in their toolbox before seeking financing. See if you agree.

The private equity investor rules have changed. Learn them fast - in the presence of experienced executives, investors and solution partners. Learn a memorable process for decoding the deal killers to successful venture financing. Leave with a sense of the process, budgetary requirements, and the fundamental steps to success.

Packaging How do I set up my equity product line? - (capital structures & financial engineering)
Valuation How do I value and test my equity product and pricing? - ("red herring equivalent")
Segmentation Who are the best-fit investors for my deal? - private investor market segmentation
Segmentation How do I avoid the VCs that expose my IP, and waste my limited time and budget, as a part of their "due diligence"?
Positioning How do I reposition my deal for optimum VC mind-share? - positioning techniques that keep your deal hot during due diligence.

You will learn new skills to solve the top critical issues, to assess your deal using consulting tools, to perform gap analysis, and design an action plan for filling any gaps.

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